Struggling with conflict in your relationship, friendships, or at work? Try Life Resolutions Psychologist Mary Magalotti’s five simple tips:

Establish Boundaries

Although we can all get a little heated during arguments, you don’t deserve to be belittled, sworn at, or treated aggressively. If this happens, walk away from the situation and give both parties the chance to calm down.

If you are experiencing coercion, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, it is important to remember that this is not your fault, and support is available. Seek out help and leave when it is safe for you to do so.

Practice Active Listening

Sometimes, disagreements occur when one partner feels as though they are not being heard. Instead of trying to formulate a response while the other person is still talking, try taking a moment to process what they are saying. Respond with understanding, even if you disagree with their point of view.

Seek Solutions

It is important to focus on fighting the problem, rather than each other. Sometimes, you might get so caught up in the argument you lose sight of any possible solutions.

If you and your partner are encountering a communication roadblock, couples counselling might be the answer. Our Life Resolutions counsellors provide safe, judgment-free spaces for you and your partner to resolve conflicts and build your communication skills.

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