Have you ever heard of a growth mindset?

There’s two basic ways of looking at yourself and the world – fixed and growth mindsets. Adopting a growth mindset is important, because it stresses that your talents and abilities can be developed through learning and hard work.

Today, Life Resolutions Psychologist Mary Magalotti shares her advice for cultivating a healthy growth mindset for yourself:

Life Resolutions Tips for Developing a Growth Mindset

Embrace your imperfections: No one is perfect! There’s no point beating yourself up over your perceived flaws and failures – in fact, a growth mindset encourages you to see these disappointments as opportunities for learning and growth.

Take on new challenges: Try to challenge yourself to try something new everyday – especially if you’re worried you won’t be any good at it! Every new experience is a learning opportunity.

Learn from others: An important part of the growth mindset philosophy is a willingness to learn from others. Acknowledge the skills that others have and reach out and ask for help – teaching and learning also helps build important connections.

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