Looking to improve your workplace communication skills? Life Resolutions Psychologist Mary Magalotti is here with her three top tips for getting your point across:

Mary Magalotti’s Communication Advice

Be direct: Although this might be tricky, Mary Magalotti stresses that it’s super important to be honest about your needs, expectations, and responsibilities. You don’t need to be rude or abrupt – but ensuring you say what you mean without any flowery language is likely to be appreciated by management and co-workers alike.

Stay positive: Nobody wants to be known as the Negative Nancy of the office! When things don’t go quite to plan, work on forming solutions, rather than getting frustrated. This is likely to be much appreciated by those around you, and it will encourage them to adopt this same positive attitude.

Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed: Almost everyone has experienced the stress of having far too much work to do. Instead of waiting until you feel you can’t cope, be realistic and open about what you can handle – and learn to say no!

Stressed Out? Chat to the Life Resolutions Team Today

If work pressures are affecting your mental health, or you’d just like to chat to our team, Mary Magalotti encourages you to reach out today. We offer confidential, compassionate support for a wide range of issues, including career counselling.

You can also browse our website to learn more about Mary Magalotti and the Life Resolutions psychology franchise.

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