The Life Resolutions psychology franchise was founded over twenty years ago, with the aim of delivering quality mental health care to all Australians.

In 2001, Jodie Brenton saw a need for more accessible and affordable mental health services, that could be delivered to clients with minimal wait times and a high standard of care and support. Teaming up with Life Resolutions Principal Psychologist Mary Magalotti, they envisioned a practice where psychologists could focus on their clients – rather than the paperwork.

This inspired one of our core beliefs, that every person in Australia has an inherent right to feel valued, worthwhile, and at peace with their lives. We understand that everyone, no matter where they’re coming from, may at some point in their lives benefit from professional psychological support, assistance and advice.

Now, twenty years on, Jodie Brenton is proud to continue delivering quality metal healthcare for all Australians through her team of dedicated psychologists. Life Resolutions now provides services such as telehealth, making mental health care more accessible than before!

Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists offer services covering a range of mental health concerns such as; stress management, anxiety and depression services, grief counselling, addiction counselling and much more.

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